Feeling like you're not good enough?

We live in an age where we can fall into the trap of constantly comparing ourselves to others. No wonder we often find it a struggle to feel consistently good enough. Through this course you will discover the value of healthy self-esteem as one of the building blocks of an emotionally healthy life: a life lived to the full, as God intended.
  • Online video based

    Work through this online course in your own time - fit it into your lunch break or commute. Log back in anytime and pick up where you left off.

  • Reflections and Activities

    Work through the activities and guided reflections taking time out to apply your individual learnings and explore your own self esteem.

  • Looking for a qualification?

    Complete the course to receive a Waverley Abbey Learning Certificate. Complete other courses (coming soon) to build your knowledge and expertise.

Explore course outline

  • 2

    Session 1: What is Self Esteem?

    • Lesson 1: What is Self Esteem?

    • Activity 1: Download and work through the Self Esteem Scale (10 mins)

    • My Self Esteem Score

    • Activity 2: Reflect on the Self Esteem Scale

    • Lesson 2: Where does Self Esteem come from?

    • Activity 3: What does it mean to be made in God's image?

    • Conclusion

  • 3

    Session 2: How Self Esteem Develops

    • Lesson 1: How does our Self Esteem develop?

    • Activity 1: Reflection on Self Esteem and my relationships

    • Lesson 2: What impacts our Self Esteem?

    • Activity 2: Guided biblical reflection: Zephaniah 3:17

    • Conclusion

  • 4

    Session 3: How low Self Esteem affects our relationship with God.

    • Lesson 1: Having an accurate image of God

    • Activity 1: Reflect on the passages of Scripture

    • Activity 2: Guided Reflection on John 14

    • Lesson 2: How do we see God? (Part 1)

    • Activity 3: Reflect on the passage of scripture that is most meaningful to you.

    • Lesson 3: How do we see God? (Part 2)

    • Activity 4: Guided Reflection on Psalm 36

    • Activity 5: Choose an Image of God as attentive and interested in you.

    • Conclusion - Made in His image

  • 5

    Session 4: Improving Self Esteem

    • Lesson 1: Knowing our own self

    • Activity 1: Renewing the mind: Download, Complete and Pray.

    • Lesson 2: The Behavioural Self and The Physical Self

    • Activity 3: Reflect on The Behavioural and Physical Self

    • Lesson 3: The Emotional and Spiritual Self

    • Activity 4: Who are you in God's Sight? Guided reflection and prayer.

    • Conclusion